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electra310's Journal

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Carmen Deoganis
19 April 1982
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Part of me is Jekyll
And part is Hyde,
My eggs are poached and then they're fried.
I can be chaste
and I can be sexual,
Powerful and sometimes ineffectual.
My personality has a plurality
And that's why they call me
Mr. Duality.

Two cars in my garage
My brains are very large.
Two chickens in my pot,
Twice as much as you've got.

I'm outgoing and I'm repressed
I feel damned and I feel blessed.
I'm male and I'm female,
I think I'm in heaven, but I belong in jail.
I'm dominant and I'm submissive,
I'm black and I'm white.
I'm inside, outside, before and after,
My mind and body are slave and master,
I'm funny, serious,
Obvious, mysterious.
I'm a rude boaster and a milque-toaster.
I use my left brain and then I use my right,
I am the day and I am the night.
My personality has a plurality,
And that's why they call me Mr. Duality.

That's me.
That's me, too.

-The Bobs, "Mr. Duality"

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